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Category: Site Notes

Who am I next?

My beautiful girl-cat passed on just after 5am on December 9, 2012. She was 18 1/2 years old. Some day, I might tell you more about that. But that day will be when I can remember it for the beauty of her last hours and tell you about some of the funny things she used to do (instead of tearing up and going all soppy over it). It will be when I’m feeling centered enough to face the possibility of feedback from Those With Firm Opinions(tm) and The Well Meaning(tm). Right now, I’m focussed on the obvious: I have been a crazy cat lady for literally half my life. I am out of cats. That makes me … just crazy? I’m thinking I might need a slightly updated self-definition. 


Minor Tech Update

I’m all Mac, all the time, except sometimes at one of the works where there’s a PC on my desk. (And, often, the PC gets shoved back so I can put my Air on the desk and work. My poor little first-version-2008-never-seen-anything-like-it-Air has a better set of debugging tools, starting with a flipping command line.) But I’ve been noticing one thing about the PC that I really like: it’s got a bigger monitor. Doing graphics on a 13″ screen is … painful. I didn’t even realize how painful until I started doing them on a 19″ screen. Noodle on this: all of the eBooks so far have been done on that small little screen… Yikes!

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