No Humble; All Brag

The nice folks at Threads Magazine let me write an incredibly nerdy article on the flounces and what happens when … More

Hey, Baby…

Hey little baby Singer! How have you been all this time? I guess this is where it all started. Mom … More

Sale! (kinda)

All of the products on this site now have a free download option. That’s been in place for a couple … More

I feel so cool!!!!

My boss just pointed out that a Q&A piece I wrote is sitting pretty on the front page of the … More

Ham inside of pant leg.

How to Rehem Pants

So here’s the thing about sewing: eventually, people will figure out that you do it.  And then they will have … More

Result of fabric wrinkling during cutting.

A Few Cutting Remarks

Scissors don’t come with directions.  Much like a screwdriver (the mechanical kind), they are supposedly a tool so simple that … More

Loop left after removing knot from back of embroidery.

Embroidery Hack

So I’ve been doing a little embroidery lately (which is an odd statement from She Who Doth Not Embroider, but … More