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About has always been about costume, and the art of costuming.  Art?  Well, it’s definitely not a science when I do it….

As for me, my name is Melissa.  I’ve been running this site in one form or another since ’99, and using the Sempstress domain since 2001 or so.  When I started out, Elizabethan Costume was my passion.  My interests have expanded into other eras and other art forms over the years.  I left my first career to return to school, and ended up working in a costume shop. Primarily, I do millinery work and “arts and crafts” — basically, that’s all the odd creative jobs that don’t fall into anyone else’s job description.  I make a lot of animal ears and tails, age costumes, play with fake blood, paint stuff, and repair shoes.  (Because I work with a woman who refuses to believe that I can’t fix shoes.  It’s an odd dynamic.)

I really do have the best job in the history of ever….

On a technical level, this site is chugging along quite happily on’s servers. I’m using WordPress as a content management/blogging system. I’m relying on the following plugins for a lot of niceties:
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