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No Humble; All Brag

The nice folks at Threads Magazine let me write an incredibly nerdy article on the flounces and what happens when they’re not all circles. (Yes, other shapes are legal!) I was going to write about writing that, but it’s been a bit of an odd spring. Anyhoo…. There’s an excerpt from that article up on the threads site now.

They kindly included a picture of the little shell top I made, which I call the Hell of 307 Pins. Don’t get me wrong – I love it and I think it came out super-cute, but the pins!

Here’s the unfinished inside. Do you see all those shiny bits? I actually can use pins, y’all!

By the time I was done, I had used two full 150 pin packs (yes, I did have to buy pins for this), plus a few I scrounged up. Those of you who know me a little bit know that I’m kind of allergic to using pins. Those of you who have had me in class know that I am a b…east about the idea of sewing over pins. (You should never, unless you have a gosh-darn good reason, you are being very careful, and you are wearing eye protection. I did, I was, and also that.)

This article was a really awesomely amazing experience for me. I mean, I kinda grew up with the knowledge of Threads as a sort of holy grail, so it’s awesomely humbling to get to write a really nerdy article and see it in print behind the Threads cover. Also, it made my mom really proud, and I try to do that every couple few years.

I also took this as a chance to slay a few personal demons. I normally avoid the fuss-bucket fabrics like silk chiffon, because I believe I’m bad at them. I challenged myself and it turned out ok with not too many tears. I took on a knit and challenged myself to finish all the seams with no mortal clue where my serger was. I decided that if I was gonna sew for Threads, I was gonna step up!

So here’s my humble advice to you: if you get a chance to write for a publication that you don’t feel even remotely worthy to write for, DO IT!!!! Embrace it! But be smarter than I am and don’t be all “I challenge thee, self!” “Really? Well I challenge me harder!” That was pure silliness.

But it worked out ok in the end. I’ve been doing my thing mostly alone all this time – the idea of working in a scenario where there is an editor and a creative team who wants my work to look good, and a model who will freaking sell it, is just crazy and amazing (and terrifying, because control freak, but you gotta trust that everyone has the same goal). Everyone was awesome to work with.

I kinda wanna do it again. I have a short list of article ideas I want to pitch at my editors. I’ve been holding off because work is insane, time is at a premium, and I’m not sure Mom and the cat have completely recovered from the last one, but…. I’m sure than next time I will be a total pro and manage my deadlines appropriately and know when to scale it back little and not … um. Yeah. I mean, it could happen like that.

I just …. I get the joy, you know?

And then I make bad choice.


    • missa
      missa May 26, 2020

      Thank you! What fabulousness have you been up to? :)

      • Anna-Carin
        Anna-Carin May 31, 2020

        Nothing at all, I’m afraid. But when life allows, I want to resume researching historical clothing and sewing!

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