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Month: November 2011

Quick and Cheesy Shoe Mod: Loafers to Colonial

Sometimes, in theater, you need a specific period shoe and you don’t have the time to order it from the internet, the money to order it from the internet, or an actor who wears a size you can order from the internet. (In this case, it was an “all of the above” scenario – I had a Benjamin Franklin who wore something like a 13EEE. This is hard enough to find in a modern shoe at community theater prices. As for replicas, you can forget it!) This is not a demo that will show you how to make an exact replica. It’s more of an act of desperation, which might possibly inspire others to do a better job than I did. ;) I just needed something good enough for stage at the “this ain’t broadway, sweetheart” level.

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The Secret of the Single Layer Corset

Somewhere in the Victorian era, people started coming up with ideas for making corsets more comfortable to wear. Gigglishiously ironical though that may sound, some great innovations came out of it. One of my favs is the single layer corset – no lining, no interlining, just a base layer of fabric and some boning. If you do outdoor events in the summer, it’s a trick worth adapting. (“It’s period! It’s just not quite your¬†period, dear rennie…” says the voice of evil. Heh. ;) ¬†)


Minor Tech Update

I’m all Mac, all the time, except sometimes at one of the works where there’s a PC on my desk. (And, often, the PC gets shoved back so I can put my Air on the desk and work. My poor little first-version-2008-never-seen-anything-like-it-Air has a better set of debugging tools, starting with a flipping command line.) But I’ve been noticing one thing about the PC that I really like: it’s got a bigger monitor. Doing graphics on a 13″ screen is … painful. I didn’t even realize how painful until I started doing them on a 19″ screen. Noodle on this: all of the eBooks so far have been done on that small little screen… Yikes!

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