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Month: December 2012

Pad Stitching

Pad stitching is awesome. It’s fantastic. It’s often replaced with fusible interfacings and spray-glue products, and that’s a darn shame. Because pad stitching is pretty nifty. It’s used to bond an infrastructure layer (traditionally hair canvas in tailoring) to the layer it’s stiffening (often the under-collar). And the great thing is, it provides MORE STRUCTURAL GLORY than the original infrastructure product can on its own. Beat that with a stick!


Most Awesome Scissors EVER

I found these while packing the fashion construction lab. (Because we are moving. Again. We just moved the department in August, but now we are moving into our permanent home. The move is scheduled for a week before classes start. No pressure, right?) Anywhoo, I found these in a shockingly heavy box labeled “scissors” which, lo and behold, turned out to be full of scissors. Real scissors. The heavy, old kind made entirely of metal. And I saw these, and light shone, and angels sang, and I finally understood The Truth About Scissors(tm). No, seriously, here’s why they’re awesome…


Who am I next?

My beautiful girl-cat passed on just after 5am on December 9, 2012. She was 18 1/2 years old. Some day, I might tell you more about that. But that day will be when I can remember it for the beauty of her last hours and tell you about some of the funny things she used to do (instead of tearing up and going all soppy over it). It will be when I’m feeling centered enough to face the possibility of feedback from Those With Firm Opinions(tm) and The Well Meaning(tm). Right now, I’m focussed on the obvious: I have been a crazy cat lady for literally half my life. I am out of cats. That makes me … just crazy? I’m thinking I might need a slightly updated self-definition.