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Happy Holidays, Internet…

I just couldn’t resist. Ok, I didn’t even try. I mean, really, I feel like someone had to, and I happened to have all the stuff, so…. Yeah. That totally  just happened.  Is this a shameless over-application of technology? Probably. Am I a great big nerd? Yep.  It’s cool. Sometimes a girl just has to get her geek on.

Christmas iMac
Of course there’s an app for that…

Yes, that is my iPad running Free Candle sitting inside the old tangerine iMac shell. And yes, the picture was taken with my iPhone and arrived for editing with iDraw on said same iPad via the iCloud. And it’s being blogged on the iPad.

That poor old tangerine iMac (her make was Arachne, btw, since she was intended for web work) was used for many years of content on this site. Now she keep s coming up as content on this site. Oh, cruel irony…

And this is the the toned down, “No, I’m not one of those horrible smug mac-people” version.

Because the original concept went like this:

Many iThings displaying candles in old mac
How many iThings can I fit inside the old iMac shell? More. I could definitely get more in… ;)

Oh, yes.

I’m kind of a geek. Just a titch, though. I don’t think most people even guess that I like technology at all. ;)

So the stupid part is that this is actually my little way of glossing over the part where I failed to get my ass in gear and get holiday cards into the mail this year. So if I have to go the cheap and easy route of emailing (and by emailing, I mean txting) out my season’s greetings, I feel I should do something to make it a little more personal… Heh.

Oh, by the by, if you’re reading this, please consider yourself to be receiving your card from me. Because I really am feeling that lazy about sending cards this year….

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    brad December 20, 2012


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