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Tag: Apple

SO … CLOSE … !!!

So close, Apple, so very very close to the dream of me blogging WITH F’ING CAPTIONS from my iPad. I managed to upload this, but the swiping process was annoying. IOS 6 let’s me upload images from the browser, but getting them in to the post seems stupidly annoying. Seriously. I have to pinch the screen just right from the description field? I hate to complain, but you were *so* *close*….

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Minor Tech Update

I’m all Mac, all the time, except sometimes at one of the works where there’s a PC on my desk. (And, often, the PC gets shoved back so I can put my Air on the desk and work. My poor little first-version-2008-never-seen-anything-like-it-Air has a better set of debugging tools, starting with a flipping command line.) But I’ve been noticing one thing about the PC that I really like: it’s got a bigger monitor. Doing graphics on a 13″ screen is … painful. I didn’t even realize how painful until I started doing them on a 19″ screen. Noodle on this: all of the eBooks so far have been done on that small little screen… Yikes!

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