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SO … CLOSE … !!!

So close, Apple, so very very close to the dream of me blogging WITH F’ING CAPTIONS from my iPad. I managed to upload this, but the swiping process was annoying. IOS 6 let’s me upload images from the browser, but getting them in to the post seems stupidly annoying. Seriously. I have to pinch the screen just right from the description field? I hate to complain, but you were *so* *close*….

Tyler, 11th century shmada, uploaded from safari on IOS 6
A lovely image of a dolly in period costume, made more lovely by the fact that I am uploading it from safari on my iPad – blogger nirvana!

Still, while this might not be something I al willing to do for a demo with 35 pictures, it’s way better than it was before. Perhaps 6.1 will handle browser popups better?

Ps- Also, I am not dead. I have tons of photo work to add words too. I have just find my big girl computer terribly stressful lately. Le sigh….

Also. I have been uploading pics to the Flickr, but they don’t seem to be showing up in the Flickr gallery on the home page. Le sigh, indeed. It is amazing to me that I can spend a day at work wrestling Photoshop, and a zillion command-line things in Ubuntu (that’s a Linux species), php, SQL, and CSS, and yet I cannot manage to tame Flickr and my apple devices. Seriously – More often than not, I seem to call people back instead of actually getting the phone to play their vm. I am such a special kind of stupid…





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