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Hey, Internet – sorry I hid your files!

So I just realized that I’m getting a whole mass of 404s (ie, the dreaded “File Not Found” error). I don’t know why that was a surprise, since I moved everything last August. I’ve added little redirect-y pagey-poos for the worst offenders. I guess I should have done that last August… I wasn’t thinking really clearly at that point – I had Stuff(tm). I mean, my site kept getting hacked, and my former host kept telling me I had a virus on my home machine and I should check for stray .dlls and other completely windows-y things, and I kept saying, look, you know, I don’t think it’s on my side because I RUN A MAC. I guess they didn’t see that as a valid argument. So I was frantically writing code to translate a large html base into a wordpress database, which is surprisingly annoying to do and it would have been faster to do the whole thing by hand, I’m guessing, but I needed the coding project to distract me from the fact that my grandmother was dying and I was once again cast in the role of Morphine Fairy, and I didn’t wanna. I mean, I did all the crap I had to do, but I did it rather under protest. In the last three years, I’ve been in home hospice situations twice, and it’s not really easy on the mind. Between death and a major breakup, my brain has not really been doing well with details. Ugh. But it’s getting better. I have high hopes.

Oh, right, and that’s also why I’d stopped updating the site for the longest. I was officially Otherwise Occupied(tm). Just in case anyone was wondering….. I’m doing better, I’m pretty ok, and I’m trying to focus on forward progress instead of past trauma. But sometimes I realize how much I dropped the ball, and for how long, and it’s a wonder sometimes than anyone still checks this site. I feel kinda bad about that.


  1. Beth
    Beth February 3, 2010

    SO sorry that things have been … challenging isn’t a strong enough word … less than perfect … that doesn’t do it either … EXPLETIVE … maybe that’s strong enough?

    I check your site occasionally because it’s such a nice surprise to find one of your updates. Anticipating the next treasure is half the fun. Please, stop worrying about “dropping the ball” and enjoy what you *can* acccomplish.

  2. missa
    missa February 3, 2010

    Thanks, Beth. I appreciate the empathy and the pep talk, and it’s deeply gratifying to me to know that you’ve enjoyed my work here. :)

  3. the cheap chick
    the cheap chick February 26, 2010

    I’m so sorry last year was filled with suckatude. I hope this year, 2010, is filled with Most Awesome Things For You. You deserve the best year ever!

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