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an AAS, a Certificate, and a Vanity

All the hurdles have been jumped and the red tape has been politely rolled into a neat ball, and I’ve finally received my Associate in Applied Science (Fashion Design – Honors) and my Certificate for completing the Fashion Entrepreneurship program (with Honors).   I really like the Honors part, in case you couldn’t tell.  I like getting As in classes.  I can’t help it.  It’s just such a pretty letter – all nice and symmetric.  Not like B, which is lopsided or C, which lacks the flexibility to become an O, or any of the other ones.  Nope.  A is pretty nice to look at, and I am a hopeless overachiever.  The college was nice enough to print them with the year that I completed the program (2007), rather than the year I finished filling out the required forms (2010).  I’m so bad with forms….   But I now have a set of three lovely, expensive pieces of paper to adorn my wall.  :)  I’m glad I didn’t buy three matching frames at once – these two are a different size to my BA.

We’re redoing the bathroom right now, which is good because it will look bigger and maybe be easier to clean, but also bad because we’ve only got the one in the house.  Right now, the sink is disconnected and out (and that was a fight!), and we’re almost ready to do some faux-painty mojo on the walls.  In my HGTV moment for the year, I’ve turned a nice little cupboard-table-thingy into a new vanity for the bathroom.  (Because my mother wasn’t willing to like a single pre-constructed vanity at any of five stores, or the whole entire internet.)  So, I’ve been busy being manly about the house instead of sewing, knitting, or anything I’d rather be doing.  Nothing pretty lives inside a drain pipe, by the way.  In case you were ever wondering.  Nothing that’s even merely ugly or mildly unpleasant really lives in there, either.  Eeeeewwwwwww……

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