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Missa will not be in class today because…

…she has another website.Sorry for my recent disappearance from the world of costume. I volunteered to take on my theater’s website a while back, and genius over here decided it needed a massive redesign because it was annoying to update.  (Launch DreamWeaver and … wait for it… wait .. wait… Poop, I need another coffee.)  And, you know, while I was at it I figured I could do more with, because the lovely folks at WordPress just released 3.0, and then there was major support of custom types, and, well, my little database loving heart went pitter-patter.  The theater’s web site is all rolled out for public purview and all, which is why I’m telling you about it.

It went slower than it might have, because I wasn’t just working on the theater’s website….  Oh, no.  I’m never content with just one project.  (I need a second in case I get stuck while working out the first.)  I’ve also been doing a Massive Amount (read: 2200  lines and counting) of code for  It’ll be here Real Soon Now(tm).  It will bring you an easier way to download the free downloads (without me having to approve each one – eek!), paid downloads automatically emailed to you (why has no one written this for me?!), more obvious linkage between how-to-make  and how-to-draft instructions, and prolly more frequent updates.  What?  Because I made it so I could select the measurements used from a set of checky-boxies, instead of having to hunt each one down on the website every time I needed it.  (Doncha hate that?  I mean, shouldn’t the computer just *know* where my articles are? Oy to the vey.)

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