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Can You Believe It?

This blog started out as “SewHappy” in 1998!  Wowza!  In internet years, I’m fossil fuel.  I wanted to celebrate 15 years of helping you waste time (and possibly being educational) with a new theme, designed, like Pinterest, to help you waste more time as effortlessly as possible.  It’s starting to feel a little more like home in here.  :)

For my fellow geeklings, the new theme uses Zurb Foundation on top of Justin Tadlock’s Hybrid framework (via Hybrid Base). I had some sort of really good reason for that combination when I started, but I’ve forgotten what it was in the intervening months.  ;)

Unfortunately, I actually did have to move the site to get some of the toys I wanted working (some of which I’m still working on), and as you’ve heard/noticed, that did not go smoothly.  Turns out that this is not a wee dainty little site any more.  I don’t ever want to move it again.  On the plus side, I’ve learned a whole bunch about how WordPress stores images.  Oh, and I now have a really solid understanding of the wrong way to move a site.

But it’s all purdy again now.  Tee hee…  I made you this!  Hope you like it!

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