Twitter?! What the what?

Yeah, right, so the girl who can’t be friends with FaceBook signed up with a twitter account. Really. What? Why? Because sometimes I get lonely when I’m out in the garage sewing and I want to talk about what I’m doing, but “Only 12 more bias strips to go! Whee!” hardly seems blog-able…. So, you know, twitter. I find the interface a million times less distracting, and it’s a jillion times easier to pull the feed onto the webby-site.

I totally got bitch-slapped by the internet when I signed up, though. Stupid little egotist I, I was all like, whoop-de-do, I want sempstress as my user name. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s just that I’ve been using as a domain name for, like, a decade. And I’m pretty sure there are people I know at faire who don’t know any other names for me. And total strangers walk up to me shouting “Sempstress!” which is kinda ok at a faire, but a little freaky outside of one. So I just kinda felt like it was my name. It was a little shocking to find out that it’s someone else’s too.

Makes me sad.

*one tear*


Over that.

So I’m now patterngeek as well as sempstress and the more familiar missa (also taken, but less surprising).


  1. *laugh* Actually, I’m trying to do a little php-magaca-dabrica to pull tweets onto the top of the home page. It’s working on my test server, but not on the real site, so, like, there’s a library missing somewhere. I’ll work on it more this evening…. :)

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