Regency Corset Finished

the front

Hi, there, ho, there, everybody… Gosh I love being out of bed before 7.30! It makes me feel like I can take on the world! In a championship napping contest, that is. But the interwebs was totally not cooperating last night, and I wanted to share finished pics of the regency corset before I head off to work!. :)

the front
The front - the padding on my form isn't doing the bust justice.
the side
The side view...
the back
The back - 26 eyelets in all...
closeup of front
Here's a closeup of the front detailing. I went over the base of all the gussets with a buttonhole stitch to prevent pokey-threads.
busk bow
The wooden busk ties in to two worked eyelets near the bottom of the corset. (Does this look like an alien face to anyone else?)

All in all, the shape turned out quire graceful. I’m rather happy. By “happy”, I mean “crowing with pride”. ;)


  1. It is lovely!! I am currently making a Regency corset for a costume, and your posts have been very inspirational!
    Can you tell me what book the pattern was in? (There are some pics of some books in your first post on this corset, and I would love to know what they are!)

    1. The books are Norah Waugh’s Corsets and Crinolines, Underwear Fashion in Detail (I forget the author and I’m at work – I think it’s a V&A jobby), and Taschen’s Fashion. Love all three – Fashion is quality eye-candy…

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