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Vicksie – 16″ Cloth Doll Pattern

Vicksie is a 16″ cloth doll who has been designed to work with the dolly historical patterns I’ve been working on.  Since she doesn’t have legs, she’s pretty easy to sew up. Also, if you fill her with sand, she makes a dandy door-stop!

two versions of doll
Vicksie includes patterns for both a narrow (front) and wide (behind) base. The wide base replaces a farthingale, while the narrow one allows you to try more styles!
legless doll, dressed
She’s designed to fit the patterns I’ve been developing for Tyler Wentworth.

Though I’ve changed some of her body lines, she has been designed to fit the patterns I’ve been developing for Tyler Wentworth.  She’s shown here in the Renaissance Wench pattern for Tyler. (She’s not a Tyler dress form! She’s just kinda fun, and maybe blends a little better at a ren faire than Ye Olde Modern Fashion Doll.)

Contents page for doll pattern
Here’s what you get with the Vicksie pattern: a pattern, and step-by-step printer friendly directions.
Pattern sample page with supply list
The Intro page for the directions – it’s here so you can check the supply list, and see a little more info about the pattern!
sample directions from pattern
Here’s a sample page with some directions – you can give it a once over and make sure you feel confident with how the directions walk you through things.


  1. Kelly
    Kelly October 23, 2012

    Hi Melissa, I went through Paypal to purchase this pattern, and clicked on the link to download, but the page came up error 404. I’m not sure what to do from here?! I’m in Perth, Australia, so am aware of the time differences. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • missa
      missa October 24, 2012

      Hi, Kelly!

      Just sat down at the computer and saw your message/Paypal’s messages, etc…. PayPal gave you a download link? That’s…. Odd. What is supposed to happen is that PayPal tells my shop you sent money, and them my shop emails you the files. Unfortunately, right now Paypal is telling my shop that something went wrong establishing an http socket or some such. (I thought I followed the directions they sent, but apparently not.)

      I just emailed you the file. Hopefully it gets there! (I just had one email to an addy from PayPal bounce, so I worry that the gremlins are out to get me….)

      Thank you!

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