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Lizzle – 16″ Cloth Doll

Lizzle is a 16″ cloth doll with legs. She’s been designed to do two things: be corseted, and go together quickly. She exists to show off the historical dolly-patterns I’ve been working on – including how they change the size and shape of the torso!

Lizzle doll seen from front
Lizzle has integral legs, which allows her to be sewn almost entirely on machine. Her soft body can be reshaped by by period costumes.
Doll seen from side view
She has a believable torso and very cute feet.
Doll in costume, side view
Because she’s squishy, her body can be shaped by period costumes.

Though I’ve changed her torso a bit, she has been designed to fit the patterns I’ve been developing for Tyler Wentworth.  She’s shown here in the Renaissance Wench pattern for Tyler. (She’s not a Tyler dress form! She’s just kinda fun, and maybe blends a little better at a ren faire than Ye Olde Modern Fashion Doll.)

contents page from pattern
Here’s what you get in the file: illustrated, printer friendly directions and the pattern.
sample page from pattern directions
The Intro page for the directions – it’s here so you can check the supply list, and see a little more info about the pattern!
sample page from directions
Here’s a sample page with some directions – you can give it a once over and make sure you feel confident with how the directions walk you through things.