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Millinery Instructions Back Online

All of the old Millinery articles are back online. (My super-cool html-to-WordPress script didn’t work as well as I thought, and only a third of the millinery stuff imported properly.) You can find them through the tag cloud, under Millinery or Hat Making. I’m going to try to get Ye Olde Dial-a-Dress up and running next.


  1. jencz25
    jencz25 October 1, 2009

    Im not sure if it’s just me(or more specifically, my PC) , but neither the categories, nor the tag cloud take me much of any where… I look forward to being able to navigate your site without having to guess at the correct search key words ;)


  2. admin
    admin October 1, 2009

    Hi, Jen,

    When you say they don’t take you much of anywhere, do you mean that you’re seeing basically the same articles a lot of the time? That’s due to sheer lack of content right now. When I switched hosts, I only converted some of the content from Plain Old HTML(tm) to WordPress’ structure. I’m working on getting new stuff together.

    If, on the other hand, you mean that the category and tag cloud links are not working at all, that’s another issue entirely…. Please let me know, and I’ll see if there are any known issues with WordPress dropping links. It’s working fine for me (I know, everyone says that), and we’re both hitting it off the same server, so, like, I dunno. That’s odd.


  3. mosew
    mosew October 5, 2009

    When I click on any of the links in the Tag Cloud or in the Archives Categories, nothing happens except the date changes when the screen refreshes.


    • admin
      admin October 7, 2009

      I’m checking with my host and with the internet to see if there are known issues with my blog setup, or if I’ve done something wrong…. Sorry, guys, this is a new system for me. (Le sigh – I was trying to make life easier….) Dates are attached to posts, so you should be seeing something new if you’re seeing the little date markers change. Very odd. :(


  4. Beth
    Beth October 7, 2009

    Both the links and the tag cloud work for me. I’m thrilled that you’ve been able to make time to bring back your favorite content. Hope you’re making time to sew something for yourself, too.

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