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Working on Oliver! and feelin’ old….

I’m costuming Oliver! for Wheaton Drama. Yes, some one is letting me, the girl who believes that leash laws should apply to children, costume a show where half the cast isn’t old enough to drink. That’s remarkable, so I’m remarking upon it. The show has lots of fun arts&crafts projects: some knitting, some dying, some distressing (ideally of the costumes, rather than the costumer). The exciting thing, I think, is that there are a lot of very good-natured folks helping me knit up scads of scarves and maybe some hats and things to be used in the show. After the show, we’ll be donating all of these to Snug Hugs for Kids. I think that’s pretty cool. Anyone out there want to knit a scarf for the show? ;)

In other news, it’s just dawned on me that this is a blog, rather than my old geriatric set of static html pages, and I can write things without actually having a full article in mind. Le sigh….. I feel like a dinosaur sometimes. All this technology has gotten totally out of hand, I tell you!


  1. molly
    molly October 25, 2009

    Hello! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site, I found it a few months ago and it led me into a wonderful world of Elizabethan Stuffs On The Internets (that is the technical name of course).

    A quick note, ever since you switched layouts, I haven’t been able to access your site in firefox. For some reason everything is completely wonky–I tried it out tonight in Safari and it works perfectly.

  2. admin
    admin October 25, 2009

    Oh, bother. I just upgraded my wordpress installation and reverted to Ye Olde Standard theme (literally – wordpress default). I’m hoping that will fix a random slew of problems people have mentioned. It’s about as sexy as a toaster, but it’ll do just fine for now.

  3. Larue
    Larue November 1, 2009

    Hey there! When do you need the scarves by, and what colors, type of yarn? I know several knitters who might be interested. So glad you are back! The Chick and I missed you!

    • admin
      admin November 2, 2009

      Hey, Fabulous! :) For scarves that are going to be used on stage before they go to Snug Hugs, I’m looking for neutrals, autumn colors, toned-down rich colors, or heathery-tweedy looking combos. We’ve been doing a lot of them with 2-3 strands of sport weight (or a sport and a textured yarn) on larger needles (US10-15), and has been working well to make things with a lot of depth and visual texture. These are going on little urchin children and the wretched poor, but since they’re going to charity I don’t want to distress them. The visual texture helps to keep them from looking flat and new. We’re also happily collecting things that are destined to skip stage use and go straight to charity. Those can be in any color.

      Oliver! is running from November 20th through December 13th. We’re collecting things through the end of the show, and I don’t mind cycling in new scarves should they arrive while we’re still running! :)

  4. Larue
    Larue November 3, 2009

    I will see what I can do!

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