Printer Friendly Version of the Mathless Draft

This is a more work-table friendly version of my mathless draft.  There’s nothing actually new here; it’s just a more convenient format for printing with clearer graphics instead of photos and less of my yapping.

croquis for 1500s

Elizabethan Croquis

Croquis are little pre-drawn bodies used by fashion designers to speed up the sketching and design process.  I made this one with Em and a basic 1500s silhouette. A lot of people have been coming […]

cover page

Lizzle & Vicksie Pattern Set

Buy the set and save!  You get both the Lizzle pattern and the Vicksie pattern, and you save a few bucks buying them both at once. Come on, you know you want to… ;)

Pattern cover sheet

Lizzle – 16″ Cloth Doll

Lizzle is a 16″ cloth doll with legs. She’s been designed to do two things: be corseted, and go together quickly. She exists to show off the historical dolly-patterns I’ve been working on – including […]

Cover of Doll Pattern

Vicksie – 16″ Cloth Doll Pattern

Vicksie is a 16″ cloth doll who has been designed to work with the dolly historical patterns I’ve been working on.  Since she doesn’t have legs, she’s pretty easy to sew up. Also, if you […]

cover sheet for tyler wench pattern

Renaissance Wench Pattern for Tyler

Really, who doesn’t dress their dolls for a day at the ren faire? It can’t just be me… Well, ok, maybe it was just me, but it doesn’t have to be anymore – you too […]

hoops from the side, with trig visualization

Cheat Sheet for Alcega Farthingale Hoop Sizes

I wrote this a little while back.  It’s simply a chart of hoop sizes to mimic the  shape and angle of the Alcega farthingale.  The chart is indexed by waist size and waist to ground […]