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    1. Hi, Sean – Thanks for the catch – apparently all of my demos have gone missing. I’m looking into it. I hope to restore from backups!

      1. Hi, Bonnie. Gotta love The Wayback Machine! For the record, the demos are all back online at this point. I’m working on some backend updates to make the downloads section functional again. Thanks for helping others! :)

    1. Hi, Fran,
      The shop has been offline for way too long. :( I was hoping to get it back online over winter break, but let me see if I can make any progress this evening.

  1. Been on a hatmaking/headgear binge and found your site, the northern cap is interesting but so e of the older headgear instructions are missing pictures. The wayback machine has been helpful for text, but the images have sadly not been archived as well.

    1. I will see if I have the images backed up on my lappy. Were there specific ones you are looking for?
      Also, apologies – I remember replying to this a while ago, but it doesn’t look like my site remembers it the same way! I’m the worst.

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