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Elizabethan Block Party 1: Drafting Corsets with the Conic Block

The Conic Block is a great starting point for drafting corsets. This eBook includes instructions for the best way to reduce the Conic Block and for using that reduced block to draft versions of the Pfalzgrafin, Effigy corsets with a smooth waist arc (for comfort). It also includes directions for a Curved Front corset.I’ve seen people working with the Conic Block to make corsets, which I think is super cool! I know not everyone likes to just wing it, though, so I’ve got 20 pages of step-by-step directions and some of the “whys” to go with all the “hows”. There’s also a brief visual guide to troubleshooting the fit of your reduced block.

cover page
The front cover.
table of contents page
The Table of Contents page, with some information about the book and what you’ll need!
sample page
Sample page – the beginning of the Pfalzgrafin draft.
sample page
Sample page – introducing the Effigy draft.
sample page
A final sample, from the instructions on reducing the Conic Block.


  1. Amanda
    Amanda May 7, 2012


    I’m attempting to purchase this guide, but it seems to not be linking correctly with PayPal. Is it still available for purchase?


    • missa
      missa May 7, 2012

      Hi, Amanda,

      Thank you for wanting to buy – that makes me happy! :) I just checked the PayPal link, and it shuttles me straight over to the payment center. Maybe their service had some weird hiccup? Um… Not really sure what to do about this one. I think there’s a way where I can send an invoice via PayPal if the buttonsy-boo refuses to work for you, but I’m stumped about what’s happening.

      I just love technology… :/

  2. Amanda
    Amanda May 7, 2012

    The problems seems to be that I was trying to use an iPad. Now on an actual computer and things are dandy!

    • missa
      missa May 7, 2012

      :( I’ve noticed problems in the iThings myself – makes me sad. I really need to work on a mobile-friendly version of the site. Maybe over the summer….

      Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the book! :)

  3. Greta
    Greta February 17, 2013

    2 things: 1st, THANK YOU!! I am making my first Elizabethan outfit and your site has been super helpful! 2nd, I just bought this ebook but can’t figure out how to download it. What do I do? Thanks again!

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