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Elizabethan Croquis

Croquis are little pre-drawn bodies used by fashion designers to speed up the sketching and design process.  I made this one with Em and a basic 1500s silhouette. A lot of people have been coming to the site lately and being really great to me, and I wanted to do something as a thank-you.

Em’s head is a little goofy-anime-size for most period headwear, but she’s super-cute which kinda makes up for it. Her body is lighter so it’s easier to change the silhouette if you want to.

croquis for 1500s
Front and Back view, same proportions!

Em is the little character I’ve been using in the eBooks and Patterns. She’s meant to be kinda like me, but easier to print. I hate boring directions, and I’m a little obsessed with crayons, so the choice kinda made sense. I’m really just here to blur the line between creative and coo-coo….

You can download this file for free, but I’d really appreciate it if you decided to make a donation.