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Why layering trim is awesome

So you spent a jillion dollars a yard on some fancy-dancy ribbon for your costume? Bad news – it will only ever look like ribbon… Unless you layer it.

Here’s some great ribbon. Actually, here’s the backside of a ribbon, which happens to be slightly cooler than the intended side.

Planned usage
I plan to use it like this, a la the frock coat festooning style. Notice how it looks kinda like a ribbon with a folded edge?
Picot edge trim added
Unless, of course, you sew it down in combination with a little picot edge ribbon.

Clues from Me to You:

Collaborate with someone. This combo came from the trim I pulled and the trim my boss pulled. There is sometimes something to be said for opinions meeting. ;)

Sew the combo down with a medium zig-zag in a reasonably matched non-metallic thread. (Reasonably matched so it won’t show; non-metallic so you don’t hate.)

Keep layering until it looks real.

Trim with buttons
Buttons added – between the three colors of gold and they different textures, we have something that looks less than mass manufactured.


  1. Laura
    Laura December 13, 2012

    I do that all the time. Layer one on top of the other, put some piping on the sides, and voila! I find this a very easy way to make very spectacular tabs for shoulders and waists for Elizabethan style.

  2. Victoria
    Victoria March 4, 2013


    Would you please sign me up for regular posts? I absolutely love your website and I am afraid of not finding it again as my iPad doesn’t save “favourites”. If you have a sign up register I would love to be added please,

    In the two minutes of reading your blogs, I have learnt more than I have in the hours of sewing blindly on my own making my kids their costumes! I am just amateur but really enjoy making things and coming up with ideas, most of them work, but I have no idea why! Some method to back up my ideas would be great. Thank you for your website, it is golden to someone like me, short on time and needs to know how to do something easily and cheaply with a professional enough look. I own a sewing machine but I haven’t taken it out of the box yet, I hand sew everything I make :)

    Thank you and kindest regards,

    Victoria :)

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