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I am a Kolledge Gradjee-ate!

It’s official. I finally got my diploma in the mail today. I know that sounds kinda shadey, right, but I did the online thing and getting a diploma through the mail, though lacking a certain pomp and circumstance, is much more official than getting said degree from a Cracker-Jack(tm) box. It’s a Bachelor of Science (with Honors, conveyed so officially that they must be capitalized), and my area of concentration was fashion and business. It’s a real degree, from a real (read: accredited) college, and I worked really hard for it. But I enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed college so much that I managed to stretch it out for 16 years. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and THANKFREAKINGODI’MDONE!

In other news, because I can’t seem to follow directions and do things in order, I’ve finally started the process to petition for my AAS in Fashion Design, and I’ve joined the Society for the Preservation of Run-On Sentences(tm).


  1. Ellen
    Ellen January 16, 2010


  2. the cheap chick
    the cheap chick January 19, 2010

    WOOT!!!!!! That is so AWESOME!!!! Yay, you :) Congratulations, and I am so proud of you!!!!!

  3. the cheap chick
    the cheap chick January 19, 2010

    In other, related news of How Awesome You Are, a friend of mine used your Jiffy Pop hat tutorial with excellent results. She then proudly wore said hat to our Midwinter Feast and totally bragged on you and your web site – as it should be.

    • missa
      missa January 19, 2010

      Rock on! Hey, is that why Facebook told me I’d been tagged in a photo of the event? I never looked, since I knew I hadn’t been there… I sort of assumed FB was finally gaining sentience and going completely psycho all at once, and really, that idea worked in my head. (No, really, that’s only funny until you stop and wonder what would happen if it did….)

  4. Sandy
    Sandy January 20, 2010

    And, erm, Facebook may not be psychotic, but it’s definitely Borderline Personality Disorder – I’ve never been on the site, but I get spam from them on behalf of everyone I know who is on it.

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