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Hey, whoa, whaddaya know, I’ve got a cart!

How totally cool is that? I’m using wp e-commerce, and in spite of all the problem reports, it seems to work just fine for my purposes (ye olde digital downloads). Well, at least, it seems to work just fine here. On my little test server (which is my mac, running Apache/mySQL through MAMP) it’s hopelessly cranky and will not produce download links for files purchased. Le sigh. Apparently, the problem there has to do with the state of my local sendmail, rather than wp e-commerce itself. That’s pretty much meaningless technobabble, but I thought I’d record it here so that if anyone else happens to ask google (as I did!) they might find this note and have hope.

It’s funny how half of the inter-web boils down to inmates scratching hopeful messages on the stone walls of their cells, just to cheer the next prisoner us, isn’t it? That surely says something about human nature, but I don’t know what….

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