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How Thematic!

I just upgraded my wordpress install, and reverted to the most standard of standard themes. I’m hoping this will fix the issues people have mentioned about browser problems, etc. Please expect to see a new theme in the next couple of days – I miss my tagcloud and image frames already!


  1. Trish
    Trish October 28, 2009

    You like wordpress? My friend Jackie says she really likes it too, but she also likes cooking and not sewing…so I don’t really know how far to trust her opinions…

    • admin
      admin October 28, 2009

      I’m diggin’ on the wordpress experience so far. It’s got some major advantages over plain old html, but it’s a completely different mindset. WordPress is a really powerful system, and it does a huge great lot of stuff automagically – like making image thumbnails when you import images – can I tell you how I always loathed making and linking in thumbs? Such a bother! I also really like the content management thing. It’s infinitely better than be trying to keep things organized by directories, and dealing with things that “kinda belong here, but are also kinda a….”
      Then again, I also really like cooking. ;)

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