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Armscye to Waist

The Armscye to Waist measurement, sometimes called the Side Length, is important for properly fitting bodices, jackets, blouses, or any other fitted torso garment.  Properly used, it helps us create garments that don’t wrinkle or poof at the sides of the torso.  The Armscye to Waist measurme becomes critical in boned bodices and corsets, because it prevents garments that dig in to the waist or armpits – problems that are uncomfortable at best, and leave scars at worst…

Armscye to Waist measurement
The Armscye to Waist measurement, also known as the Side Length, is critical to garments that fit smoothly and corsets that are safe to wear.

The Armscye to Waist length is measured along the sideline of the body, directly below the center of the armpit.  It is measured from the Armscye line to the Waist line.

Armscye to Waist with guides
The Armscye to Waist measurement (blue), shown with the armscye line and waist line for reference.

This measurement should be taken while standing in a normal posture with the weight evenly distributed on both feet.  It is very important not to lean to either side, or to the front or back.  Look straight ahead.  It’s helpful to have someone else take this measurement for you, as it’s difficult to work under your own armpit without stretching to the side a smidge.  If your spine is not straight, due to scoliosis or a related issue, you should measure both sides of your body and record both Left and Right Armscye to Waist measurements.

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