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Sewing Table Mod for Easy Trim Management

If you’ve ever tried to get more than a couple yards of trim onto a sewing project, then you know the hard part isn’t sewing straight, it’s keeping all that trim under control while sewing straight. At the workshop I normally put it on the chair behind me and run it over my shoulder. At home I have a stool, so I hauled out a few tools and made myself an impromptu spool holder….

tools and supplies
I have a jillion yards of bias tape wound on to an tin foil roll, a dowel rod, two S-hooks, some nylon cord, and a staple gun.

Incidentally, the best thing about having your sewing room in the garage is that you have all of these things lying around. It almost makes up for the sketchy climate control…

loops of cord stapled to underside of table
I looped a piece of cording and stapled it to the underside of worktop. This will hold an S-hook.
dowel through spool
Put the dowel rod through the center of the spool of trim.
dowel in S-hooks
Rest the dowel in the bottom curve of the S-hooks that are hanging from the nylon loops.
trim feeding up to sewing machine
Now your trim can't manage any crazy hijinks on its way to the sewing machine, and you can focus on sewing. Yay!

I used the loop-and-hook solution because I was afraid I’d snag things on any permanent hooksy-doo. This way, I can remove the hooks when I don’t need this setup. I supposed that if you don’t care to staple into your worktop, you could use tape or something. But the staple gun makes a much more satisfying sound… ;)

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