German Noble Woman, 1535(ish) (2002)

This is a strongly germanic dress that would date to about
1535 or so. German costume history isn’t my strongest suit (I’m working on it),
so I’m not sure about the date. I’m absolutely positive that the construction
is not authentic (eve…

Mme. de Grande Rose

  Mme. de Grande Rose (that’s "Lady of Big Pink", for
the non-francophones in the audience) was inspired by one of Boucher’s Mme.
de Pompadour portraits. The portrait was used more as a starting point than
a goal, and the dres…

Black Kirtle

  After a lot of sewing for other people, I wanted to sew for
me. I *needed* to sew for me. I’d been wearing the same dress most of the season.
It was driving me buggy. I’d started a new set of pretty undies a while back,
started a diar…