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An Italian Courtesean Gown (2002)




There’s all sorts of info on how this was put together in the
diary I kept while making the
dress. (Well, mostly I kept up with it. Until I got distracted by the actual
sewing part, that is….)

The basics go like this: It’s a big silvery yellow brocade
dress, in a roughly venetian style that feels pretty risque to wear. (And risky
— that bodice is on pretty sturdily, and never budged even a scosh, but I couldn’t
shake the feeling that it was about to fall off.) There’s a bit of stiffening
built into the bodice, which is worn open at the front, over the chemise. (I’d
love to tell you that I made a special camacia for this one, but, frankly, I
was busy working on the sleeves.) The sleeves are basically two spiraling panes
each. Having tried this, I’m not sure I recommend it. They do look kinda cool,

As always, I will at some point try to get a better set of pictures. Honest.

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