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Category: Fabrics

A Tulle To Make Lamé Less Horrid

I recently had to make a pseudo-cavalier tabard-y-thing, using tissue lamé (hmmm…. reads like “lame”) for the appliques and trimmings.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really, it just had to work with the ones that had been bought for other costumes. If you need to tame the “HELLO, I’M SHINY” factor of lamé, there’s a way…


Comparison of Different Boning Materials for Use in Sixteenth Century Corsetry

File this one under “possibly useful to some one, at some time, somehow”: this is a series of pictures of corsets I’ve made over the last several years. Each one shows me standing in profile, next to my dress dummy. This makes the changes in my shape imposed by each corset fairly obvious, and the pictures all together give you a pretty good idea what different types of boning and styles of corset can do for a girl.