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What Makes the Whorl Go ‘Round?

I worked wardrobe for a dance show over the weekend. I brought my trusty-not-so-rusty spindle with me, because I promised another woman I’d show her how to spin. So, imagine my surprise when it turned out that the tour manager for the show was also an avid spinner…

Somewhere, there’s a photo of the three of us crouched in the hall making yarn. She’s promised to send me a copy. :)

I spent most of my backstage time spinning as well. Turns out that I can continue spinning during a full blackout (ie, no light – really, none, zip, nada, where-are-my-hands levels of not light). I cannot spin with a strobe light on, however. Go ahead and try it sometime. I’m pretty proud I held my lunch down. Oh, strobes…. How you make me sad.

I also got a little hem beading on the 11th century shmada done the first day. That is not something I can do backstage, however. I need real amounts of light for that trick.

My semester ends on may 9th. I am so ready. You have no idea…. Before that happens, though, there is a fashion show on Tuesday. Some of my students have put in the altered clothing and 5 yards of felt projects they did in my class. :) So proudsies! This is one time when I really wish I was going to get to see a show that I’ll be working (for the fashion department, not the theater itself).

I leave you with the words of Granny Weatherwax: “I ain’t dead.”

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