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Oh, Progress….

This makes me giggle. I finally got the old iMac all apart (a fight) and reassembled sans guts (another fight). Soon it will have some form of plant light in it. But in case anyone was wondering just how far Apple has progressed in the last decade and change….

IPad inside iMac
This is my iPad inside my old iMac. Oh, technology…. No moss growin’ on you, that’s fer sure and certain.

Much though I tried to retire from ever working as a code monkey again a few years back, I was lured into a part-time gig sire the sweet siren song of regular pay checks after a year of “unofficial furlough”. Sometimes I feel badly about how little I know of all the web technologies out there. jQuery mocks me on a regular basis, and I’m still not 100% sure what all I need to know about this whole HTML5/CSS3 business.  (I remember when HTML came out, and then when we finally had control of backgrounds and blinking and the entire web was completely unreadable for a while but were happy, dagnabbit! My first site was a little recipe page started at the end of 93 on a linux server named Jaka. Then I was Sew Happy on FortuneCity, of all things. I’ve been sempstress for long enough that it makes me giggle when old friends claim they don’t know how to contact me if I don’t go on the FaceBooger.)

Now I use my phone to take pictures, which I upload through an app. (There is an entire generation growing up which thinks that phones taking pictures is normal. I am terrified.) I add words and captions via a tablet. (Remember when tablets were just another shape for painkillers?) I do a two step process because I cannot possibly physically wait for my magical photostream of automaticity updating joy to get around to automatically updating, not can I be bothered to walk down the hall and sync with the actual computer. I want my magic NOW, gosh darn it!

Everything is awesome, and life is amazing.

But I digress….

My point is, I constantly feel like I am failing for not keeping up, and then I look at how far things have come. Everything is different since I bought that iMac – different, and amazing, and awesome.

Except I still like orange computers. ;)


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  1. Brian Morton
    Brian Morton February 17, 2013

    Sometimes in the next oh, ninety days or so, the last generation that looked a their computers via CRT’s will purge their memories of it all.

    Nice to see you’re doing well. :)

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