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Month: January 2012

Things That Make Me Giggle With Girlish Glee

So I says to my class, after lecture, “Let’s play a game!” There was almost a response…. “I need six classic movies.” It took a little second, but we got there. “Ok, now I need six kinds of monster!” Oh, wow, turns out my class is way more excited about monsters than movies. *laugh* So, two lists and two random numbers later, I handed out stacks of small croquis and happily announced, “Your design inspiration is It’s a Wonderful Life with Vampires! As many designs as you can in ten minutes – if you get stuck on one, put it to the side and move on. Go!”
So, what would you do with that one? ;)


I think I broke a Girl Scout

I didn’t mean to. I really, really didn’t. I have nothing against Girl Scouts (now that I’m out of grade school). I think it’s kind of adorable when they actually go door-to-door selling their little cookies – way better than sending a parent in to the office/theater/classroom with a sign-up sheet. And when I could still eat their fiendishly addictive little delights, I did, often with wild abandon….


Of Resolutions and Lost Lawn Mowers

I have been cleaning out the garage for almost six years now. Seriously. Not, like, “Gosh, I should sweep!” Like, “Didn’t we have a floor in here at one point?” Every single year, My New Year’s resolutions have included something about this being the year when I will finally have a clean garage. You know the problem with New Year’s resolutions, right?