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Squirrels Ate My Brain!

So, if the flurry of short posts isn’t a dead giveaway, I’m having massive fits of ADD today. I went out into the garage (aka, sewing room) to make a corset for Tyler. I haven’t even pulled the fabric for it yet. I made a little smocky-poo for Piggy, picked beads for the green thing, walking in and out of the house 62 thousand million times, and knitted part of a scarf. You know those days?

Miss Piggy in her smock
Isn't she adorable? (Please ignore her purple granny-panties. Try to think of them as a dance pant or something....)

So, Miss Piggy now has a lovely little square necked smock, which sort of implies that I should make her a dress that requires such a thing. That wasn’t entirely on this week’s list of plans, but the week has gone a little crazy on me.

piggy and tyler in smocks
They could be a set... Say, young Elizabeth I (right) and Mary Tudor? That would be fantastic!

I did a mockup of a Pfalzgrafin corset designed to work with Tyler’s crazy little body proportions the other day.

Tyler in Pfalzgrafin mockup
How close is that to the silhouette of the young Elizabeth painting?

Of course, if I do Miss P as Mary Tudor, I’m going to have to figure out how to work a french hood around her ears….


You know, my millinery class never covered people with ears on top of their heads. That’ll be an adventure. Tee hee!  :)

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