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It’s my Birthday!

Well, ok, not really.  I get to stay 34 until Monday. But the BEST PRESENT EVER arrived today – a 2010 Tonner 16″ Basic Miss Piggy. Beyond all the obvious reasons that’s so great, here’s the one that seals the deal: I can finally show costumes and drafts on different body types!!!!  I’m so geeked!

See, up until now, all the dolls at my disposal have had these perfect, exaggerated hourglass proportions. They’re gorgeous, elegant little beasties, sure, but they’re not really a shape most of us encounter in the mirror.

Enter the incomparable Miss P.  At 22 1/2 – 19 1/2 – 25 cm, her proportions are a little closer to reality. She was my first strong female role model as a child, in no small part because she completely owned her figure and dressed all hotty even though she was clearly not the prevailing fashionable body. (Her tendency to take names and kick both muppet and human butt was pretty amazing, too. I mean, I grew up in the 70s, when white chicks in movies were pretty fundamentally useless in a fight.)

Oh, and Piggy has a wig, which is super-great because I cam make her other wigs and give her period hairdos (or, at least, any period hairdos that can accommodate ears in the middle).  I think she’d be fantastic in the Eleanora de Toledo dress, or the Bella Nani dress, or maybe we’ll get saucy and go 17th century – something with one of those wigs with ship on it….

Bella Nani
Can't you just see Miss P in this?

And how cool is my mom for buying me the coolest doll ever for my birthday? Tee! She also deals with my pigtails and other symptoms of arrested development….

I’m just so excited right now!


  1. Scarlet
    Scarlet October 16, 2010

    Happy Natal Day! Lovely pressie your dear Mother gave you! I too grew up with the Muppets and Miss P is one of my favorites. I will so look forward to seeing Miss P in the Toledo dress!

    Best wishes for a most happy birthday.

    All the best,

    Martha aka as Lady Scarlet at FOF

  2. Anna-Carin
    Anna-Carin October 17, 2010

    Congratulations! Great idea to use Miss Piggy for a different body type. BTW, if you’ll need doll size brocade, cotton lace, trim, buckles, hat straw etc eventually, I can recommend

  3. missa
    missa October 17, 2010

    Thank you, Martha! Thank you, Anna-Carin!

    Buckles? Oh, my goodness… And those are some brilliant prices for the silk broadcloths and did that say changeable velvet? Oooohhhh…. Evil, I tell you! Pretty, beautiful evil!

  4. Violetta DiParma
    Violetta DiParma October 17, 2010

    Being a Miss-Piggy proportioned diva myself, I can appreciate the joys of making her garb! I would love to see her in anything you make, as I think you are a fabulous seamstress!

  5. Monique
    Monique December 7, 2010

    I fell in love with the above portrait last year and went out and bought a ton of beautiful sapphire blue velvet from a JoAnn’s that was liquidating. Needless to say, I got all 12 yds of it for a steal, but it’s been burning a hole in my storage tote ever since. If you decide to make this dress, when you do the cut outs in Velvet for the sleeves, please post something on it! That’s probably the one thing that has kept me from proceeding. It would be fantastic to see either dress on Miss Piggy.

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