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Ivanovich, The Russian Magician (2002)

closesideIvanovich is a magician

who has worked the Bristol Faire on and off (and, hopefully, will be back on
again next year — he does a fantastic show). He’s also a good friend, and was
significantly more of a joy to work with than I was through the process of designing
and making his coat. ;)

The coat is based on 18th century russian costume, as sixteenth
century russian costume is a) largely undocumented, b) weird, and c) highly
impractical in the general region of the midwest 9 out of 12 months. Bristol
does not fall during the three months for which it is reasonable. There is a
name for the garment herein referred to as “the coat”, but it’s in
russian, which I can’t pronounce, and I can’t remember it anyway. The coat is
made of brushed cotton, lined withgrey cotton twill, and guarded in black felted
wool to give it a little body. (This worked too well, a situation which I’m
still hoping to resolve.)


  1. miriada
    miriada January 19, 2010

    does the russian word for coat sound like
    p as in “pip”
    w as in “win”
    a as in “ant”
    sh as in “ship”
    ch as in “chapel”

    • missa
      missa January 19, 2010

      Er…. Maaaaybe. Unfortunately, I can only remember things when I can pronounce them, and generally not even then. :{ Would that be a correct word for it?

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