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Corded Petticoat

This is a corded petticoat, meant to be worn in place of a farthingale under middle class costumes. The base of the skirt is cheap cotton broadcloth, and it is stiffened with 3.8″ cotton upholstery cord filling held in a channels created with 1″ wide ribbon. There are two channels – the first goes once round the bottom, and the second is a single spiral that goes up the rest of the petticoat. This is based on a picture from the Milanese Tailor’s Handbook which seems to show a spiral pattern of trim or possible benting on an underskirt.

Results and Notes: The petticoat has help up without deforming for 3 months on my dress dummy, and has held it’s shape under up to 4 moderate skirts. I’ve taken it to faire once now, and it is readily foldable and returns to it’s shape when unfolded. It did not seem to have any problems holding out my skirts when I was moving, while being worn under one medium weight cotton blend petticoat and one wool (lined with muslin) kirtle. The only problem I encountered was that the top row of cording is a little smaller than I would like, and I can’t easily swing my leg over a bench. Technically, I suppose shouldn’t be doing that anyway. ;) When I make another of these, I will not use plain cotton as the base of the petticoat. I will use something with more slip to it (at least polished cotton, possibly satin) so that it is easier to thread the cording through the channel.

Will I do it again?: Yes.


  1. wawa krisyanti hartono
    wawa krisyanti hartono May 16, 2011

    Please send me that petticoat that its seems the picture, I want to buy it.

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