Black Kirtle

  After a lot of sewing for other people, I wanted to sew for
me. I *needed* to sew for me. I’d been wearing the same dress most of the season.
It was driving me buggy. I’d started a new set of pretty undies a while back,
started a diar…

The Ham-Burghess


Many thanks to the fabulous Stephanie and her sweet baboo for
the pictures. I’m sure I *should* have some of my own, but I don’t.I started a diary for this dress forever ago. I promised to
explain the agressious visual pun…

1570s Italien Doublet

The images above and to the left are pictures of my new italien style woman’s
doublet being worn after the italien fashion; that is, sans farthingale. This
is always a nice option to have if you anticipate ending up in a crowded room.
The do…

1570s Upper Middle Class

This is the grey and silver costume that I made the week before
Bristol opened this year. (Apologies on the image quality – you can only expect
so much from a 50$ toy digital camera.) The costume itself is representative
of the particularly …

1580s Merchant

This one is only semi historically accurate. The peril of doing
work for other people, especially on commission, is that you have to make some
concessions to their preferences and desires. In this case, the subject wasn’t
really sure he was …