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Tag: home improvement

El Cheapo Photography Setup

Ok, Internet, we need to talk something through… Remember back in the old days? Remember when it was all carefree fun and games? Oh, those wild younger days, when any old picture was a good picture? Put bodice on a hanger, chuck it on a closet door, and hey! Great! You put a picture on the interwebs! You contributed! This was back before the googles even searched images. Heck, we actually just called it “google”, back then, and there was a fight going on about whether to google or yahoo for searching. I feel ancient. Now it’s all “omg, use a neutral background when you photograph your demos!” (Oh, interwebs, did you forget that whole beggars/choosers dichotomy?) I’m not arguing that we should lower our standards. I am saying that not everyone has a professional photography setup just lying around, the space to dedicate to one, nor the money to get one. Since I’ve been Señorita Discount Home Improvement lately, I figured I could make a photography setup on the cheaps….


Adventures in Landscaping

Since I’m off-topid right now anyway, I thought I’d crow a little bit about the amazing amount of dirt I’ve moved over the last couple months. Mom and I decided we needed to make some changes to the front yard to add a second walkway. (She apparently thought my habit of shoveling through the middle of the grass to get to my car last winter was tacky or something.) We watch entirely too much DIY network…

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Home Improvements

Just for something completely different, I’ve been working on redoing the bathroom.  (Well, no, technically I did it because mom told me to.)  So what happens when your friendly neighborhood sempstress trades in her sewing machine and scissors for a paint brush and a miter saw?  Here’s what’s been keeping me away from the computer….