Mme. de Grande Rose

  Mme. de Grande Rose (that’s "Lady of Big Pink", for
the non-francophones in the audience) was inspired by one of Boucher’s Mme.
de Pompadour portraits. The portrait was used more as a starting point than
a goal, and the dres…

Black Kirtle

  After a lot of sewing for other people, I wanted to sew for
me. I *needed* to sew for me. I’d been wearing the same dress most of the season.
It was driving me buggy. I’d started a new set of pretty undies a while back,
started a diar…

The Ham-Burghess


Many thanks to the fabulous Stephanie and her sweet baboo for
the pictures. I’m sure I *should* have some of my own, but I don’t.I started a diary for this dress forever ago. I promised to
explain the agressious visual pun…

Jim’s Court Costume

  Jim approached me about making a costume design he and his wife had done into a
reality. Give or take some slightly fancier peblums, this is basically what they had in mind.
(Yes, I stuck to a plan. Well, except for one bit where I d…