Lower Noble Gown

  I did a lot of commission work this year, as part of the never-ending
Quest To Pay My Rent. Now, working for others is great and profitable and all,
but it’s frustrating when you basically just want to play dress-up. ;) If I
recall co…

The New ‘Little Red Dress’

Well, here it is, finally- the fully constructed dress from
‘A Diary of a Work in Progress’ The image
processing isn’t quite up to par, so these may take a while to download. (The
sempstress recently changed jobs – I’ve gained more time for…

1570s Noble, Take 2

This is the most recent stage in the evolution of my Elizabethan
(not so) little red dress. The bodice, sleeves, chemise, forepart and hat have
been completely redone, but the partlet remains the same and the skirt has undergone
only minor c…

1570s German Noble

is a German noble costume, as worn by my sister. (This is her best, “Someone
wants to take another picture of me?!” face. It was late.)
The entire overdress is made with under three yards of 60″ fabric.
I hadn’t reali…

1570’s Noble

This is actually my faire costume from last year. (I had just
been running up and down stairs and doing a bit of ’emergency sewing’ for a
friend, and the ties holding my sleeves on had started to come undone, which
is why they are slipping a…