Removing Sharp Edges from Plastic Boning

I’ve been a huge fan of jumbo plastic cable ties as corset boning for a long time. The only real downside to them is that they can get sharp corners when you cut them, and those corners will eat through fabric over time. I used to file them down with a nail-file, but that takes time. There’s a faster, easier way….

The cut edge of plastic boning has sharp corners

The problem: the cut edge of my cable tie has pretty sharp corners, but I'm too lazy to file them down.

passing the edge of the boning through a candle flame

The solution: pass the edge of the boning through a candle flame.

the slightly melted boning edge

The result: no more sharp corners. Sure, it's a little ugly, but it's hidden between layers of fabric...

Three things worth noting:

  • if you’re doing a fully boned corset, this will shave an hour or so off your build time compared with filing all the darned corners.
  • A rather intriguing odor is produced during the melting process, and probably equates to either the death of brain cells, or cancer in californian lab rats.
  • The melted edge will remain very very hot for some time, so you don’t want to touch it. Trust me. I have learned this so that you don’t have to. ;)

6 thoughts on “Removing Sharp Edges from Plastic Boning

  1. missa says:

    Miss you too! Spring/summer got so crazy, and I have so missed blogging – crazy, right? :)

    7 years ago | Reply

  2. Lauren says:

    Great tip! Do you have a suggestion for how to actually cut these darned things? I’ve used scissors and it killed my hands.. is there a cheat? I was thinking wire cutters..

    7 years ago | Reply

    • missa says:

      I use tin snips or cutting pliers… :) Hope that helps!

      7 years ago | Reply

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