Corded Petticoat

This is a corded petticoat, meant to be worn in place
of a farthingale under middle class costumes. The base of the skirt is
cheap cotton broadcloth, and it is stiffened with 3.8″ cotton upholstery
cord filling held in a channels created with 1″ wid…

The Ham-Burghess


Many thanks to the fabulous Stephanie and her sweet baboo for
the pictures. I’m sure I *should* have some of my own, but I don’t.I started a diary for this dress forever ago. I promised to
explain the agressious visual pun…

Blue Irish Peasant

This dress was made for a halloween party. There were a few
special circumstances to this party…. First of all, it was at a little irish
pub I worked at at the time. Secondly, I was the server *working* for this particular
shindig, and whi…