Turning One Dart Into Two

Once again, this is mostly for my students.  If you are someone else’s student, do this however your teacher says. … More

Moving a Single Dart

This is really meant as support material for my Flat Pattern I students, to help them with their sample problems. … More

placement of left hand while sewing

Controlling Tulle

So here’s the trouble with tutus… They are made of many, many layers of tulle*. And tulle, these days, is … More

80's jacket, ready for mutilation

Adding a Side Seam Gusset

Sometimes, bad things happen to good costumers. Like, your sister is throwing an 80’s party the next evening and you … More

finished button

How to Cover a Button

I love covered buttons. They just make a design look so pulled-together. The problem is that that directions on the … More