Drafting a Semi-Fitted Chemise from a Princess Line Pattern

setting up for the sleeve

Now we will set ourselves up for the easiest sleeve draft in the history of ever... Start with a corner. At the top, mark a line the same length as the angled armscye on the body pattern.

placing arm pattern on corner

Place your arm pattern so that the highest point of the arm is centered on your downward line. I made a dot at the wrist - this will be the length of my sleeve. I made another at the outside of the thimb - my sleeve must be at least this wide.

Tyler’s little fingers don’t flex, so it’s pretty important to make sure the sleeves are wide enough. If you are using your own human sized sloper, and you don’t have an arm pattern, just use your arm. Really – flop it right down on your paper, and mark the top of your shoulder and your wrist. Your arm has a pretty good idea on how long it really is. ;)

finishing the sleeve draft

The bottom of the sleeve should pass through the wrist point, and extend as far as the thumb point. The slanted line connects the top and wrist.

Really, easiest sleeve ever.

cut pieces for the chemise

When you go to use this pattern, you're going to cut two body pieces on the fold. One will have a neckline, while the other will be straight across the top (per the diagram). Cut two sleeves, with the fold along the not-slanty edge.

full front view of the Kohler chemise

And that pattern will make you this festive little number.

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