The Ham-Burghess


Many thanks to the fabulous Stephanie and her sweet baboo for
the pictures. I’m sure I *should* have some of my own, but I don’t.I started a diary for this dress forever ago. I promised to
explain the agressious visual pun…

Jim’s Court Costume

  Jim approached me about making a costume design he and his wife had done into a
reality. Give or take some slightly fancier peblums, this is basically what they had in mind.
(Yes, I stuck to a plan. Well, except for one bit where I d…

Teri’s Court Gown

  I had the privilege (well, I felt privileged, anyway) of doing
costumes for two members of the Bristol Court this last season. Teri’s gown
was a very last minute commission — if I recall correctly, I got it two weeks
before faire was…

Stephanie’s Tudor Gown

  I’ve wanted to do a good, solid tudor gown for years. When Stephanie
was referred to me and asked if I could make this gown, designed by Angela
Friedman, I jumped at the chance. Now, here’s the tricky bit: Stephanie
lives in Ohio. I l…

“Dinty” the Moor

Let me preface this one by saying that the character name is
Not My Fault(tm). I can’t remember the long version that he rattles off so fast
that the words distort as they pass the sound barrier. Seriously. Brian
is one of my magician friend…

Lower Noble Gown

  I did a lot of commission work this year, as part of the never-ending
Quest To Pay My Rent. Now, working for others is great and profitable and all,
but it’s frustrating when you basically just want to play dress-up. ;) If I
recall co…

Blue Irish Peasant

This dress was made for a halloween party. There were a few
special circumstances to this party…. First of all, it was at a little irish
pub I worked at at the time. Secondly, I was the server *working* for this particular
shindig, and whi…

Effigy Style Corset

Yeah yeah yeah, so *everybody* is making an effigy corset
these days. I actually made this months ago, and the mockup a few weeks before
that, but I’ve only just gotten around to an entire faire season’s worth of…