Waist to Ground Length

Measuring the  Waist to Ground Length correctly is crucial for several things.  Most obviously, it’s used for making skirts that … More

Waist to Full Hip

The Waist to Full Hip measurement is used to fit pants, fitted skirts/dresses, and very long line corsets.  It’s the … More

Waist to High Hip

The Waist to High Hip measurement tells us how long the curve between the waist and the curve of the … More

Armscye to Waist

The Armscye to Waist measurement, sometimes called the Side Length, is important for properly fitting bodices, jackets, blouses, or any … More

Waist, Front/Back Waist

There seems to be some confusion these days as to where waists are located.  Taking a waist measurement at the … More

Bust, Front/Back Bust

The bust measurement is probably the most important measurement when it comes to making any torso garment fit a woman. … More