Neck to Shoulder Length

The Neck to Shoulder Length is crucial to making shifts, jackets, bodices, doublets, and basically any other garment with a … More


The Neck measurement is used in fitting any garment or accessory meant to sit closely around, or upon, the neck: … More


Ankle measurements are useful for knitting custom socks (why, don’t you?), making jewelry (specifically anklets), and fitting big-poofy-gathered-at-the-ankle style pants … More


Calf measurements are used for tall boots, tall spats, and jodhpurs and fitted crop pants.


Knee measurements are used any time a garment fits close around the knee.  I mostly seem to use them for … More


Thighs happen.  I’ve personally always found that a bit disappointing, especially when I try to find pants that fit.  If … More

Inseam and Outseam

The Inseam is the classic measurement used by tailors everywhere to hem a pant.  It runs along the inside of … More