Making Bias Piping

I love piped seams.  It’s the costumer in me.  The trouble is that piping can get expensive, but making your … More

The Fakey-Fell

Let’s be honest – most of us aren’t buying jeans at a price point where we’re going to see a … More

Classic Flat Felled Seam

This is the classic seam associated with denim, particularly when it comes to jeans.  It’s really deceptively easy to do. … More

finished button

How to Cover a Button

I love covered buttons. They just make a design look so pulled-together. The problem is that that directions on the … More

finished button hole

Narrow Bound Button Holes

I love bound button holes. They’re beautiful beasties. The problem is, I don’t like fat bound button holes with a … More

Pad stitching progressing.

Pad Stitching

Pad stitching is awesome. It’s fantastic. It’s often replaced with fusible interfacings and spray-glue products, and that’s a darn shame. … More

Ummm… My Bad….

So,about that not-being-able-to-post-pictures-withcaptions thing? Yeah,so apparently, I need to have the pad in portrait mode…. Ahem, I mean, not-typey-keyboard-mode (Oh, … More